These rules were originally put together as part of a discussion at Bolter and Chainsword for part of a potential Codex that was to be known as Chapters of Legend. These rules have not been thoroughly playtested and should therefore only be used with your opponent's consent.

Codex: Chapters of Legend: Relictors Beta Rules

We stand alone: "The Relictors have been excommunicated and are considered traitors. Their Fortress Monastery was utterly destroyed and they are on the run" As a result a Relictors force may not take allies with the exception of Radical Daemonhunters from Codex: Daemon hunters. The units that may accompany a Radical Daemonhunter from the Codex Daemonhunters are an Inquisitorial retinue,
Inquisitorial storm troopers and Daemon hosts.

Rites of purity: "Before someone is considered capable of entering the Conclave and become wielder of the Chapter’s most secret weapons he must first be pure in Mind and Body" As a result Relictors Daemon weapon wielder must purchase the Purity seals upgrade.

RELICTORS ARMORY: The Dark Artefacts:
These artefacts are legendary in their rarity, kept safe in stasis chambers deep within heavily fortified reclusiams and lead-lined sacristies. There exists only one of each of these artefacts, so only one of each type may be taken in any given army.

Added to Relic list:
1) Artekus Scourge*
2) Sword of St. Aquitaine*
3) Blade of Phaedron*
4) Sword of Devouring Light*
5) Tongue of Kdaai(Ether Lance)*

6) Banner of Rage
7) Plague Banner

8) Rapturous Standard
9) Blasted standard

* Daemon Weapon 0-1 per Army

Added to Wargear list:

1) Book of Pain(0-1)

2) Shard of the Monolith(0-1)
3) Grimoire Pandaemonica(0-1)

Books of Pain

25 pts Inquisitors and Inquisitor Lords only
The fabled Books of Pain contain every word
that has ever been used to describe sensation from discomfort to screaming agony. In times of dire necessity, a few words from these blasphemous texts can cause all those within earshot to fall into paroxysms of suffering.
The Books of Pain can be used once per game,
at the beginning of any movement phase. All units, friend or foe (including the bearer's own) with a model within 3" of the bearer count as pinned until the beginning of the owner's next turn.

Artekus Scourge
25 pts Relictors only
The Artekus Scourge is a flail tipped with balls
of pure energy in the form of screaming daemonic faces. Originally wielded by the Chapter Master of the Relictors. Artekus Bardane, the flail snaps and gnashes at the souls of those it hits.
The Artekus Scourge is a daemon weapon, and follows the appropriate rules from Codex: Chaos Space Marines. If the Scourge wounds a model with more than one wound, that model mus! roll under its Ld on 3D6 or be removed as a casualty. The Scourge is a power weapon.

Sword of St. Aquitaine

25 pts
The Sword of St. Aquitaine was recovered by
the Relictors immediately prior to its debasement and subsequent possession by a daemonic entity, and contains a nightmarish creature of such power it can turn day into night.
If the Sword of St. Aquitaine causes a wound,
and the bearer passes his Mastery test, he may force the entirety of the next game turn to be fought using the Night Fight rules. The Sword of St. Aquitaine is both a daemon weapon and a power weapon.

Shard of the Monolith

20 pts Relictors only
Recovered from the twisted, debased Monolith
at the heart of the Equatorial Jungle on Armageddon and set into an ornate chain of consecrated lead, this shard of obsidian imbues the wearer with great speed and strength, but at a price...
The bearer gains +1 S and +1 I. He must
always move towards and assault the nearest enemy if possible and must always perform a sweeping advance if at all possible.

Grimoire Pandaemonica
25 pts
This daemonic Grimoire weighs heavily with
the sacrifices made in its name and has the power to greatly augment the power of dark ritual. When read backwards, passages from within its pages can cause tidal waves in the ether, disrupting any control over daemonic summoning.
The bearer can force his opponent to re-roll Daemonic Possession or a single Summoning roll each game turn.

Blade of Phaedron
15 pts

Inside the Blade of Phaedron lies the seething
soul of a daemon possessed of a great enmity for all its kin. Although it is unremarkable when employed against a living thing, against a daemon the blade will blaze white with the pure heat of the captive daemon's rage.
The Blade of Phaedron wounds all Daemons on a 2+, and adds +D3 to the bearer's Attacks characteristic when charging a Daemon instead ot the usual +1. The Blade of Phaedron is a daemon weapon.

The Tongue of Kdaai
25 pts

A seemingly ordinary sword, The Tongue of
Kdaai has unusual glowing crimson runes inscribed along the blade. Only with the help of the most potent of Librarians has the chapter managed to translate the inscription: ”I hear the roaring of waves whose waters are red and whose mists are black.” After intoning these words the Fire Daemon imprisoned inside the weapon awakes lashing out in a wave of crimson fire.
The Tongue of Kdaii follows the rules of the
Ether Lance from Codex Chaos SM .

The Sword of the Devouring Light

Locked deep in a vault inside the Diamedes Archive was found the Blade which contains the Daemon Jerbag Dragth, a great Daemon imprisoned many thousands of years ago. Just unsheathing this massive sword unleashes such a powerful force that few who have seen it live to tell about it.
During the assault phase at Initiative 10, place the Ordnance Template over the Bearer causing one Str5 AP4 hit for every model under the template, friend or foe. The Sword counts as a two handed daemon and power weapon and as such does not confer a bonus for an additional CCW.

Cthon’s Axe

25 pts

Cthon’s Axe was recovered in the equatorial Jungles of Armageddon during a battle with the Freal
Ork chieftain Vahr Buz, an Ork of great age and size yet he looked remarkably agile and swift when wielding the Axe. After close examination the chapter’s Librarians managed to identify the Daemon bound in the weapon as Cthon a Daemon with the ability to absorb the life essence from his victims giving each wielder inhuman longevity and energy taken from his victims.
The bearer of Cthon's Axe can ignore one failed save inflicted by a close combat wound per turn if the
wielder has conferred a.wound with the Axe in the same turn. Cthon's Axe counts as a daemon and power weapon.
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