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The Relictors

By:.................Brother Scythe
Re:.................Adeptus Astartes Relictors
Thought:.........Nobody is innocent, there are merely varying degrees of guilt

The Relictors slow descent into heresy has profoundly changed their relationship with the Legio. Where once a cordial, fraternal bond existed is now an open sore, with neither side able or willing to trust the other.

A Relictors Battle-Brother
Once known as the Fire Claws, the Relictors recent actions have besmirched their once glorious history.. Orginally created as part of the so-called Astartes Praesus Chapters to defend the space around the volitile Eye of Terror, the Fire Claws were placed in a Ramilies Class Star Fort in orbit of their recruitment world Torva Minoris. The change to the chapter began in the middle of the 9th century of the 41st millennium. A damaged space hulk known only as the Captor of Sin emerged into the Segmentum Obscurus and threatened a nearby Forge World. The Fire Claws were dispatched to deal with the threat. In the ensuing boarding the honoured Librarian Decario was forced to make use of a Daemon weapon to banish the Chaos champion. This event changed the Chapter forever as Decario began to tutor the rest of the Chapter's Librarium in the use of the weapons of Chaos against itself and the hunt for these weapons began. Over the following centuries the Fire Claws became known to all as the Relictors. Eventually their secret was learnt and a cabal of Inquisitors demanded the forfeit of any tainted weapons. Facing utter destruction they complied and were sent on century long Penitent Crusade as an act of shame. However this was only to be the beginning of their decent into darkness...

During the events of the Thirteenth Black Crusade, the Relictors were drawn to Subiaco Diablo after learning of an artefact that was held there in a chamber known as the Diamedes Archive. Whilst retrieving the artefact, they fought with and defeated several units of Imperial Guardsmen and the forces of Inquisitor Cyarro. Once recovered, Cyarro successfully petitioned the highest echelons of the Ordo Malleus and Ordo Hereticus to have the Relictors declared 'Excommunicate Traitoris' - enemies and traitors to the Imperium of Man.

The Relictor's Fortress Monastery was subsequently assaulted and destroyed by the joint forces of the Grey Knights and Inquisitor Cyarro. The remaining Relictors have divided and gone into hiding in and around the Eye of Terror, where they still fight against Chaos in the name of Humanity and the God-Emperor of Mankind.


Before their 'Fall', the Relictors conformed to the Codex Astartes as far as typical Company formation is concerned. However there was always some divergance at the higher levels. The Chapter's command ranks are filled only with those judged pure by the Chapter's Librarians and form a shadowy group known as the Conclave. Every situation that demands the Chapter's attention is carefully reviewed and examined by the Conclave before any action is taken.


During the time that the Ramilies Star Fort was home to the Chapter, the Relictors called Torva Minoris their Homeworld. Classified by the Administratum as a feral world the planet is populated by savages of a superstitious nature. They believe that the Relictors are the emissaries of the God-Emperor himself and are sent to take their best away to join them at their "sky fortress". However as part of the punishment laid upon the Chapter for the use of sorcery and Chaos tainted relics the Recictors were forced to give up their feudal rights to the planet and the people of Torva Minoris have begun to believe the God-Emperor has forsaken them and as such have begun a series of violent cermonies of debasment to try and bring the emissaries back.

Since the destruction of the Sky Fortress, the Relictors have not dared to return to Torva Minoris. They have been forced to rebuild their numbers from anywhere that they can - it has been rumoured that they have even harvested inmates from Penal Colonies to build up their ranks.

Combat Doctrine

The Relictors follow the fighting styles of the codex and as such are trained in all forms of combat. The Chapter does however have a high number of Librarians and as such these mystic individuals are often attached to even small Relictor battle formations. Although the Chapter is versed in various styles they prefer to attack in small groups at undisclosed locations rather than in the center of conflicts, something that has caused some animosity between the Chapter and other Imperial forces.


Rather uncommonly the geneseed of the Relictors is believed to have come from a mix of two First Founding Chapters. That of the Ultramarines and the Dark Angels is what forms the basis of the chapters geneseed. As it sits there is no signs of mutation withing the chapters ranks, however the apothecaries and librarians carefully screen all zygotes and are rumored to allow those that show signs of mutation to mature in order to better understand Chaos.

Interaction with the Legio

While the Relictors have in the past observed the Compact that ensures the Legio is properly manned they are not known to be close to the Legio. In recent times their dwindling numbers mean that they can no longer commit forces to the Legio.
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