THE RELICTORS are a chapter of Space Marines that live by the edict that "the ends justify the means". They are a relatively young and arrogant chapter, strong in their belief that it is only they who have the strength of mind and purity of spirit to withstand the taints of Chaos. They also believe that the most effective way to defeat the forces of Chaos is by turning their own tools against them - namely Chaos Weapons and Artefacts. Only by using recovered Chaos relics in battle can the Relictors defeat the ultimate enemy of mankind.

Despite their ardent faith and loyalty to the Emperor, most of the Imperium - including other Space Marine Chapters - consider the Relictors to be heretics and they have consequently been declared 'Excommunicae Traitoris' - outcasts to be hunted down and exterminated.

It is only through unshakeable faith in their cause and renewed alliances with Radical Inquisitors that the Relictors continue their fight.

The Relictors were a US Grand Tournament approved 4th Edition army list for 2005 using the rules found in White Dwarf magazine in conjunction with the 4th Edition Space Marine Codex. However this excludes the use of the new Space Marine trait system.

The Relictors rules can be found in the following issues of White Dwarf:
WD (UK) 281, (Oz) 281, (US) 280
Index Astartes: Relictors
Basic Relictors Rules

WD (UK) 295 (Oz) 288, (US) 287
Using a Relictors Army in 40K: Rules for Daemon Weapons, Chaos Relics and Outcasts.
Chaoticians & Cataclysms - Radical Measures in 40K: Contains 6 new Dark Artefacts (wargear) and a new mission - "Daemonhunt"

Please note: These rules are no longer 'tournament legal'. They still work very well, but please ask your opponent for permission to use them before starting a game.

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