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A Basic Guide to Painting Rank-and-file Relictors Space Marines.
By Urza.

  1. Undercoat with GW Chaos Black Spraypaint.
  2. Basecoat with a 50:50 mix of GW Chaos Black and GW Codex Grey. Alternatively, use either Tamiya German Grey or Vallejo Model Colour German Grey.
  3. Use a Pigma Micron .005 fineliner pen to fill in the eyes, vents and flexible joints in the armour (knees, ankles and elbows).
  4. Highlight the armour plates with GW Codex Grey.
  5. Next do a very fine highlight on the armour armour with GW Fortress Grey.
  6. Paint Shoulderpads and kneepads with GW Chaos Black.
  7. Use GW Goblin Green for the eye lenses.
  8. Finish off the weapons with GW Chaos Black and GW Boltgun Metal.
Last but not least, apply some Relictors Decals!
Posted by Urza