The Relictors arrived at the Cadian Gate mere days before the first signs of Abaddon's imminent attack were seen. As in their involvement in the Third War for Armageddon, the Relictors refused to submit themselves to the authority of any other, incurring the wrath of Logan Grimnar on many occasions before he cursed the entire Chapter and washed his hands of them.

The Chapter was reported as having taken part in a number of actions, and its presence is suspected on the periphery of a number of others. The Chapter is known to have participated in an attack against a warband of the Word Bearers Traitor Legion on the world of Subiaco Diablo, during which an Inquisitorial task force disappeared under suspicious circumstances. They were next seen in the Cadian sector, where they clashed with a Night Lords force at Exeltra Minor, before becoming embroiled in a suppression action against Eldar raiders at Xersia. The increased Eldar activity in the Xersia system drew the attention of the Relictors, and they purged the system with fire and sword, slaughtering three entire Kabals of Dark Eldar intent on enslaving Xersia’s civilian population.

The Chapter then appeared at Cadia itself, but refused to respond to instructions from Logan Grimnar to reinforce the fortress world, instead making straight for the warp conduit and departing lor the agri-world of Fremas. Exactly what occurred at Fremas is a matter of some doubt, but a pack of Wolf Scouts dispatched by Logan Grimnar to find out tracked the Relictors to the remote Diamedes Archive, where the Chapter appears to have repulsed a Chaos attack before turning upon the Archive's defenders.

None of the defenders are reported to have survived the assault, but Grimnar's men recovered partial vid-logs that suggest the Relictors1 objective was the sealed stasis vault at the heart of the mountaintop fastness. The contents ol this vault are known to but a handful of adepts in the Imperium. most of whom reside on Terra. They are not the type of men to allow such actions to go unpunished.

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