... Is it on yet? Hello? Anyone there? What does this green light mean?

Oh we're Live?

At last, I have managed to get a fragment of the once mighty Relictors.com back online.
Yes, like the Relictors Sky Fortress, our original webserver was destroyed in an event of cataclysmic proprtions (a RAID controller failure). Unfortunately, just like the secrets of the Diamedes Archive, much of what was once known to us has been destroyed...

But we can rebuild, my brothers!! What was once great can be so again!

If you have any of the original Relictors.com articles on your home PCs, please contact me. If I can get hold of enough of the original material, I will attempt to get another webserver together (a proper one this time, with data recovery and everything!) and try to get our little community back up and running again.

Relictors.com can be great again!!
Posted by Urza